Be a part of Macalester's MISP team

Apply for the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP) by 9am September 20. 

MISP has three main objectives: (1) to assist Mayo Clinic in the evaluation of new product submissions by Mayo inventors, (2) to provide research opportunities for undergraduate science and economics/business students, and (3) to provide leadership development opportunities for graduate students. The program was developed by John Meslow, a retired Medtronic executive. Macalester Professor Liz Jansen serves as the Academic Program Director. It is supported by Medtronic Philanthropy, the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, and the Mayo Clinic Ventures Office.  

History of MISP
In their research, Mayo Clinic scientists develop new products and ideas that may be marketable. These products are submitted to the Mayo Clinic Ventures Office for thorough investigation of the technology and its marketability. MISP creates multidisciplinary teams of undergraduates in the natural sciences and economics/business (with a graduate student leader) to analyze the science/technology of the product or invention and its potential in the global marketplace. The end result of the team investigation is a business plan and final presentation with recommendations for how Mayo Clinic should proceed with the idea. This is the 11th year of the program and MISP alumni speak highly of its impact on their college experiences and career trajectories.

MISP at Macalester College
Each undergraduate student on the team receives a $1000 stipend and teams have a budget for copies and other administrative costs. Teams will begin work during October, and complete the projects in February with a significant time commitment in January. The final presentation will be March 8 or 9 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. NOTE: It is mandatory that team members attend orientation in Rochester on October 26 or 27 (note that this is fall break), be in the Twin Cities during most of January, and that they attend their assigned final presentation at Mayo Clinic for the entire day in March.

If you are interested in applying to be on Macalester's 2017-18 MISP team, submit a cover letter, resume and transcript (unofficial transcript is okay) to by 9AM Wednesday, September 20th.  The cover letter should demonstrate your understanding of the program and include:

  • what interests you about this opportunity and why you would like to be on the team,
  • your specific skills/background that will serve the team well,
  • our career plans/goals/ideas,
  • your commitment to being in the Twin Cities in January,
  • the names of two faculty members who can speak to your skills, background and/or potential for teamwork; letters of recommendation are not required at this time.

A group of faculty members will review the applications and make selections in early October.

Because of the nature of the projects, it is difficult to identify exactly how many hours it will entail and what your specific tasks will be. If selected to be a team member you may want to consider doing this as an independent research project over January. Projects are proprietary and team members will need to sign a confidentiality agreement with Mayo Clinic. If you are selected to become a team member, you will have to sign the confidentiality agreement before we can give you more information about the project.

You can find out more information about Mayo Innovation Scholars Program at and at  We also strongly encourage you to talk with participating faculty—Professors Pete Ferderer (Economics), Katy Splan (Chemistry), Kate Ryan Reiling (Entrepreneurship) and Liz Jansen (Biology).