Rising seniors, consider working for a consulting company

Consulting companies (McKinsey, Deloitte, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group) hire from all majors, seek students from all countries regardless of sponsorship status, and provide work that is unusually high in intellectual stimulation and gratification. 

Several consulting companies will be on campus early in the fall to recruit seniors for full-time opportunities starting after graduation, and this summer is the time to engage with them and prepare for their interview format – case interviewing.

What should you do to prepare over the late spring/summer?

  1. Tune up your LinkedIn profile, and then use it to connect with Mac grads who are working in consulting.  If you need help finding some names, come see a CDC counselor for some recommendations.
  2. Challenge yourself to set up an informational meeting or coffee with at least 4 of those Mac grads over the summer (phone or video calls work too.) Learn what skills consultants need to emphasize, what the cultures of the firms are like, and get a sense of whether you fit in that world.
  3. Practice case interviewing.  Consider pairing with a friend or small group or using an online coach to get live practice.  If you make a good relationship with one of the consultants you chat with, consider asking them to run you through a case.  Set a schedule and practice every day!
  4. Read. Some good resources to help get you started on case interviewing include Victor Cheng’s book Case Interview Secrets and his website caseinterview.comMasterthecase.com is another good website, and some students like Marc Cosentino’s book, Case in Point.  All of the major consulting groups also include some case prep material on their website (see BCG, for example).
  5. Work on your resume and cover letters for these companies over the summer based on what you learn from your informational chats.  You can use John Mountain, the CDC’s liaison to the Consulting Club and our expert in consulting interviews, to help and provide feedback. 

The recruiting will begin early in September. Return to campus ready!