Free tickets available to MinneBar for Mac students

One of the biggest design & tech unconferences in the world happens right here in the Twin Cities: MinneBar.

It’s a wonderful event, unlike any conference you’ve been to. A big Macalester group goes every year. In the past, students have found internships & job prospect, new interests, new technologies, and new friends there.

There are a few essential things you need to know about MinneBar:

  1. It’s all day on April 23
  2. Tickets are free.
  3. Tickets are always really hard to get.
  4. This year’s tickets are already all gone.
  5. We have a special “bring all the students” insider deal with the conference organizers that lets Mac students — and the people who give them rides — get tickets anyway! 

Interested? Want a ticket? Please fill out this form ASAP:

Minnebar sign-up form

All Macalester students are welcome.