3 reasons you should register now for the Job + Internship Fair

1.  It's January and you have the time.  Why have something else to be stressed out about after classes begin?

2.  Employers are reading resumes now. Some employers read resumes ahead of the Fair and arrange interviews to take place during it. Find them by searching on the official MN Private Colleges' Job and Internship website:

3.  You'll have time to plan ahead. We ask those who attended last year what advice they would give to students attending the Fair, and by far their number one response was "Prepare!"

Prepare before-have a plan of who you are going to visit
Have a list of the organizations you want to talk to and learn a bit about them before going. 
Go to the prep sessions and do more research about the companies and programs you are interested in.
Have a set list of employers over a wide spectrum in mind when going.
Research the employers before you go. 
Research the companies beforehand and have specific questions in mind for the respective companies.
Do research about the companies beforehand.

You get the picture. The official MN Private Colleges' Job and Internship website lists each organization attending, open positions, contact information, and a link to their websites. The Job and Internship Fair mobile app is a great way to help organize your day.