Tech for career planning

Platforms, products, and updates you may find helpful in your job or internship search.

Brand-new Door of Clubs allows employers to target their on-campus recruiting efforts to campus student groups. Focus now is on diversity, tech, and business clubs.

If you are a member of Macalester Career Connection on LinkedIn, you know that LinkedIn has gone crazy with changes. We're figuring out the best way for Macalester to continue to use our networking group. There's a new LinkedIn app as well.

Search is Back enables you to search Facebook for people by location, school, company, major, age, or job title. It didn't work well for me when we tested it; maybe you'll have better luck.

Faceforward is a resume generator that will generate multiple keyword-rich resumes. $20 month, however. CDC services are free.

Shiftgig connects you with immediate temp work. Currently running in eight cities, including Minneapolis. 

In the works: Pymetrics will use big data, neuroscience and machine learning to identify your optional career paths.